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Racquet Stringing Services with Team Witsken!

Did you know that Team Witsken can restring your racquet for you?

We offer stringing starting as low as $25.00 for Synthetic Gut with Duraflex Strings (including all labor)!
We offer a variety of strings from Prince and Babolat!
Our turnaround time is typically just a day or two, so if you take classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, you can leave your racquet on Monday, and get it back by Wednesday!

Team Witsken String Price List
(Prices below are for strings sets and Labor, String sets are available as well, contact Nelson for pricing)

String Brand/Name Cost for String (and Labor)
Prince Duraflex (16G or 17G) $25.00
Prince Premier LT 16G or 17G $36.00
Prince Premier with Softflex $34.00
Prince Premier Attack $30.00
Prince Lightning XX $28.00
Prince TopSpin $27.00
Prince Beast XP $35.00
Prince Poly EXP $30.00
Prince PolySpin 3D $31.00
Prince Tour 16G or 17G $28.00
Prince ProBlend (Kevlar) $31.00
Prince BeastAttack Hybrid $32.00
Prince Natural Gut $60.00
Babolat RPM Blast 16G or 17G $34.00
Babolat Xcel 16G or 17G $35.00
Babolat N.Vy 16G or 17G $26.00
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour $33.00
Babolat Pro Hurricane $29.00
Babolat Revenge $33.00
Babolat VS Touch (Natural Gut) $58.00

Strings come in many different shapes and styles these days! Different colors, different materials, different feels all affect the way that the ball reacts. Some strings are great for players who break strings frequently. Some are great for players looking for a little more feel with each shot. Strings can even help dampen the shock that can give players tennis elbow!

A few things to know about restringing your racquet:

You should re-string your racquet as many times a year as you play in a week, however, we recommend at a minimum that you restring at least once every six months.

Strings can lose their tension if they are sitting in hot areas like a garage in the summer. Try to keep your racquets in temperature controlled environments to keep them from losing tension quickly.

Make sure that the strings you use suit your game! If you break strings frequently, you may want to consider using some kind of polyester based string to help prolong the life of your strings. If you only break strings occasionally, you may want to try a hybrid of polyester strings in the mains and a synthetic gut in the crosses to help maintain some feel. There are even shaped strings out today that help produce extra topspin on the ball when you hit!

If you break strings and you can't drop off your racquet right away, it's a good idea to at least clip the strings so that there is no extra tension on the racquet head. Leaving a racquet with one string broken while others pull on the frame can lead to warping and eventually lead to cracking later on down the road.

Don't know what strings you should use? Check with us and see what we can recommend! In the end, it does come down to personal feel, your coach and stringer are valuable tools when it comes to selecting a string!