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Team Witsken Pro Shop Services

From racquet selection and stringing, to ball machine and court rental, Team Witsken is proud to offer many state-of-the-art, world class pro shop services at our facilities.

Tennis Racquets and Racquet StringerRacquet Stringing starting at $30 a racquet for standard strings.

To order or demo a new racquet from Team Witsken, please contact Rick (

Other Products: Grips, String Sets and misc tennis items. Contact Rick with questions!

Tennis CourtCourt Rental at the Retreat can be made by texting or calling Coach Witsken at (317) 372-1656 or via email at

Court Rental Cost:

Weekends & Weekdays After 4:00 pm: $25 per hour per court
Weekdays Before 4:00 pm: $20 per hour per court

* This is a 2 court facility so please specify if you are looking for 1 court or 2 courts when making reservation. Credit Card will be required when reserving the court(s).

Pickleball Paddles & BallsTeam Witsken sells PADDLE-TEK Paddles and a variety of balls.

Have questions about pickleball paddles and equipment?

Contact Rick, our pickleball guru at (317) 372-1656 or via email at

Pickleball Paddles & BallsFor pickleball court rental pricing, please contact Rick at (317) 372-1656 or via email at
Tennis CourtWeekdays & Weekends: $5 per hour per court
Conference Table and ChairsBy request. Please email with event details and he will reply with a quote.
Pearson Automotive Tennis CenterTeam Witsken Gift Certificates available for Team Witsken Summer and Clinics at the Retreat, The Retreat Court Rental & Private lessons at the Retreat or Outdoors upon request.

Please email for information about gift certificates.

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