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Team Witsken Tennis Parties

Team Witsken Tennis has hosted a number of functions for players. Birthday Parties, Lock-Ins, Round Robin Socials and more!

Team Witsken offers the opportunity for parents and players to have Team Witsken help host their function! For Birthday parties, we can have a coach lead the afternoon with games and other events! Decorations such as Tennis Ball Pinatas have been seen from time to time during these birthday parties!

Team Witsken can host a lock-in with your group. Team Witsken has in the past done this with tennis teams from schools after seasons have ended or before seasons to help with team building and bonding! Use of the facility includes the tennis courts as well as our lobby with access to our television, stereo and Blu-Ray Player!

Want to plan a Round Robin Social with a group of your friends? Team Witsken can help you host and run your event! We can have a coach help with the set up of a round robin event as well as play in if the occasion calls for it! Fun drills and games can also be played if your group wishes!

To learn more about any other party options or to speak to someone about Team Witsken hosting an event for you, please contact Rick Witsken or call our office at 317-848-2023.