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About Our Classes
Team Witsken Tennis classes offer fun ways to learn tennis for all ages and levels. Players from true beginners to advanced tournament competitors play in our program all year round.

Commonly Asked Questions

Question: At what age can tennis players begin playing tennis?
Answer: Players in Team Witsken programs can start as early as 3 years old. However, to make things more enjoyable for the player in question, we ask parents to make sure players are beginning to follow directions and can be away from parents for the 30 minute classes. It is most beneficial to players when they can follow the coaches without help from parents.

Question: I love tennis and would like to have my child learn how to play too. How should I urge them to start?
Answer: Tennis is a great game for life as once you learn, you can play and have fun at many different levels, beginner to advanced. It is our suggestion that parents sign up players when they show an interest in the game. Many children are more receptive to sports in general when they are the ones to show interest in trying the game. It's not a bad idea to expose them to the game first and see if it catches their interest. Players have more fun and learn more when they are more involved with the process themselves.

Question: I'm an adult and a total beginner to tennis? What are my options for indoor tennis?
Answer: We typically offer adult clinics of different ranges, however, if we do not receive registrations, we will cancel them and remove them from the schedule. If that is the case, we can take your name down and if we receive interest for that class, we will start a class at an open time slot when possible.

Class Descriptions
Team Witsken Tennis Classes are great ways for players to learn the game of tennis, develop their game, meet new people and get a good workout! Need help determining which classes you should sign up for or sign your children up for? Look below at our class descriptions to see which class best suits your player! If you still have any questions, please contact us and we will assist you in making the right decision for your player. Below are the descriptions of our class groups and also some commonly asked questions regarding getting players started.

Cardio Tennis (Adults)
Team Witsken offers Cardio Tennis to adult players as a fun way to get a good cardiovascular workout. We try to gear our cardio tennis classes to all levels of players and encourage players to work hard throughout the class. We use a variety of drills and games to get players active in the game and try to keep the game moving to keep everyone active and involved! Most of our cardio tennis classes also play music during class to help motivate players to keep moving!

Men's 3.5/4.0 Clinics (Adults)
Team Witsken has a Men's Tennis Clinic that runs from 7:30pm to 9:00pm on Thursdays. This clinic is a drill and play clinic with players getting to work on their strokes as well as play points to help develop winning strategies. This is a fun class with a fast paced attitude.

Junior Tennis Programs
Team Witsken Junior Tennis Programs are divided up first by ages and then by ability levels. The following class names are used for classes with players of certain age groups and how we focus our courses with players in that age group/class:

Pee Wee Ages 3 to 5: Players in our Pee Wee class willbe instructed with the Quickstart TennisMethod using a 36 foot court and 18 foot net. Players in this class will learn basic motorskills as well as racquet handling to enjoy tennis. Technique is taught at a very basic level as well as developing footwork and coordination and basic tennis understanding such as boundaries of the court and basic scoring. Basic rallying skills will also be taught in an effort to provide more challenge to more advanced players. It is the goal of Team WItsken to keep the class fun and still be educational!

Top Notch Juniors - Ages 6 to 8: Players in the Top Notch Juniors clinics will be instructed using Quickstart Tennis training methods. Players will play on both the 36 foot courts (over the 18 feet wide nets) and with the 60 foot court (over the normal net). Players will continue to develop rallying skills as well as shifting focus more to stroke development and point play. Players in this course are in the gateway to junior tennis competition.

Top Gun Juniors - Ages 9, 10 & 11: Top Gun Juniors will be instructed in tennis using Quickstart Tennis Training methods.Players will be transitioning from 60 foot courts to the full size court (78 feet) as well as using balls to help facilitate this transition. The orange balls as well as "green dot" balls will be used to continue to develop technique. Players in this class will be learning to compete in full court play with either the green dot or normal tennis balls.

Team Witsken All Stars - Ages 8-11: Players in this course are on a fast track to more competition. Ages range from 8 to 11 as these players have demonstrated the ability to rally continuously in 36 foot courts, 60 foot courts and normal size courts. Players will continue to train using the different balls to help develop their techniques and skills so that participation in competition is possible. Tournaments and interclub matches will supplement the experiences of these players so that they can transition into tournament tennis.

Middle School Juniors (Grades 6-8): The Middle School Juniors course is designed for players from a recreational background who would like the opportunity to continue playing and develop their games. Players in this class will receive additional instruction on stroke development and strategy to urge them into Middle School Tennis with their teams and to participate in lower level interclub matches. Players that are on the JV level of their middle school teams or below JV are the level of players in this group. Some players are even beginners in this group and will benefit greatly from stroke development.

Elite Middle School Juniors (Grades 6-8): The Elite Middle School Juniors Course is designed for players who are competitive on their middle school teams. Primarily for players who are on the varsity team at their middle school or middle school players with tournament experience, this class is designed to help players move on to more competitive play so that High School competition is possible once they move on to high school. Players in this class should supplement their games with competition in tournaments, interclub matches or league play. Advanced stroke development and focus on the serve is emphasized as a way to make sure players in this group can be competitive in high school.

High School Juniors (Grades 9-12): This course is for players who are generally on the JV team at their schools. Players in this group will participate in drills and play to advance their tennis experiences and give them opportunities to play and advance their game. Development of the advanced strokes is emphasized and players in this group should strive to move on the varsity teams at their schools. Tournament participation is strongly encouraged with players in this group to supplement their tennis experience.

Tournament Elite High School Juniors (Grades 9-12): This course is designed for the elite players from high school teams. Varsity level tennis is a requirement for this class as well as instructor admittance. Players in this course have played in tournaments as well and are here to further advance their skills. This class will have players working on advanced singles and doubles drills. Players in this group should also be taking private lessons on a regular basis to keep their skills up and strive towards competetive play in USTA tournaments and to be the top players on their high school teams. Players who wish to be in this class must be admitted by a Team Witsken instructor in order to participate.